First published March 25, 2020

Day 11
Things you might not know about me.
1. I do not know how to work a fire extinguisher.
2. I have never had a banana split. Does not appeal to me though.
3. I did summer stock one summer. I was Sushi the Japanese Yen in Cabaret.
4. The first time I smoked pot…it is legal now so I can talk about it… was with the husband of one of my friends, and they are both here on my Facebook. I remember the Beatles “I am a Walrus” was playing.
5. I am exceedingly self-conscious. I just make up for it.
6. I never wanted children, but I sure have enjoyed my nieces and nephews.
7. If I was rich I would live no differently.
8. I went on academic probation my sophomore year in college. Lots going on in my life, but also look up at #4.
9. Three or four people on my Facebook have been friends since elementary school. Many more since junior high.
10. I wanted to be a teacher because of a few teachers I had.
11. I do not feel short, though I am only 5’2”.
12. I cannot believe I am as old as I am. Only my hips are disloyal.
13. I have hearing aids but never ever remember to wear them. What?
14. I am very well-traveled but am afraid of flying every single minute I am in the air.
15. I feel most relaxed and mellow in water.
16. I never appreciated my siblings until well into adulthood.
17. Hate surprises. I read the first chapter, the last chapter and then the middle of every book, in that order.
18. I saw a UFO….remember Ellen Reiner Roscitt…we were in the Barnes and Nobles parking lot.
19. I saw Ann’s dad peek around the corner of the door three hours after he died, but did not know he had died yet.
20. I prefer my food, except soup, to be room temperature.
21. I can and will keep your confidence forever. I just cannot keep my own secrets. I tell everything.

Enough of me. What do I not know about you?