First published March 19, 2020

Day 5
The Cheetos are safe. I ate not a one. It would have taken effort. I would have had to go to the kitchen, reach on top of the fridge, and actually take them down.
I lost all vision yesterday (not literally), and I did nothing. Nothing at all. I found a twenty dollar bill in an old purse, so I went on Amazon and ordered fifty dollars worth of books.
I cannot watch or read about the virus because I do not know who to believe any longer. All the stations lie about politics to their advantage…oh do not get me started. Here are a few of my frustrations about lies….or stretching of the truth for some gain…

1. It is reported that there has been one case of Corona (I get a kick out of saying it that way) in Charlevoix County Michigan. That is about on hundred miles north of me. Truth: A woman whose residence is in Charlevoix County has been hospitalized in Detroit with the virus. Seems she had been traveling overseas, landed in Detroit and felt ill. Went to hospital and stayed in hospital. She has not of yet come back to Charlevoix. So in truth, northern Michigan has had no cases. (I have not checked this morning.)

2. They are listing within the numbers for Michigan, Detroit and Wayne County. Guess what? Detroit is in Wayne County. Do they list Asheville numbers and then Buncombe County numbers too? Double count?

3. I walked the dog yesterday. Truth: I did not. I did nothing.

Ok, now maybe I can be civil. I did weave a few inches yesterday and decided I hated the pattern of the scarf I was making, so I am starting over. I will post photos when I get a few inches done on the new one.

It snowed yesterday. Funny how cold weather kills some germs but they say this virus does not like sun and heat. But then again what is the truth.

I have vowed to be productive today. When it stops raining I will walk the dog. Please do not tell her because if you do, she will stand next to me and speak in the dog language that I do understand. I know the gist “Take me the hell out already, will you? Or give me a bone and I will leave you alone for fifteen minutes.”

I am making twice baked potatoes for dinner. As kids we use to call them boat potatoes, and we only had them on special occasions. Easy thing that looks like more effort than it is.
I forgot the other things I was going to do…how convenient. I think a shower was on the list. Might put on a bra. Don’t want to go too far overboard.

I left a gift of Easter candy and teabags hanging on our mail box for our mail lady. LulaBelle loves Marcela, and she barks when she sees her because Marcela brings treats. We live in town, so the mail people walk the route. She drinks tea, and who does not like chocolate.

Today is March 19. It is St. Joseph’s Day. It is the day the swallows go back to Capistrano. It was my mother’s birthday, and she would have been 95 today. I wonder if she would still be able to chase me around the kitchen table with a yard stick. She never caught us. She would swing that yard stick and hit the table. The stick would break apart, and we would all end up laughing so hard we could not run.

Stay well.