First published March 21, 2020

Day 7
A whole week. If we have to be in three weeks, we are a third of the way there. Wow….and I still have Cheetos. Have I lost my love affair with food? Wouldn’t that be a great side effect of this whole thing!?

This is a big fish fry area. Every Friday every restaurant (the Elks Club and American Legion alternate Fridays) has its own version of a fish fry, which is usually fish, potato and cole slaw. During Lent, one of the Catholic churches about twenty minutes away has its famous fish fry. For ten dollars you get: fish ( choice of fried or broiled, choice of potato, slaw, mac and cheese (??? At a fish fry?) , roll, green beans (again, at a fish fry???), a soft drink and homemade dessert. Quite a meal for ten dollars.

Oh my gosh, I just spend an entire paragraph on fish when all I wanted to say was we did a pickup of a fish dinner from the Jail House Bar last night. It is what Ann’s mom would have called a honky tonk (a story for another time), but serves up good food. The owner told me she can only allow three people at a time in her establishment, and she said she was really busy all day. I am glad people are consciously trying to help these small businesses.

Some of you are posting beach photo or hammock photos or just talking about the nice spring weather. How dare you!!! I walked close to the lake yesterday, and it was 27 degrees, snowing and windy. So windy that I took a video, and you cannot hear my voice, just the wind. The dog’s ears were sticking out like the Flying Nun. Oh, ick, can you believe we watched that?? I was the only one out, and I had to walk in the road as the sidewalks were icy.

I just looked at the ten day forecast, and after today we are going to steadily be in the forties. Ahhh beach weather in Michigan.

I am not very amusing today. Chalk it up to being an extrovert whose only contact has been Ann, the dog and the honky tonk lady. This came at a good time though. If it had been two months later, and all the activity of a tourist town was in full gear, I would have been crazier than I am now.

I miss playing Mah Jong. I learned last summer, and I have been playing each week. It is a wonderful game, and one that I am not really good at yet. I can play on line, but the robots do not gossip, and it is just not the same. Miss the clickity clack of those tiles.

I have a list of people to call for wellness checks. The senior center needed volunteers, and hell what else do I have to do. My list has 62 people on it, and I started yesterday, and they might get a weekly call at this rate. So far the people are fine, and they are very appreciative of the call. This leads me to my thoughts of the day:

1. When do you use the area code? I call these people and use just the number. Most no issue. One I got the recording to use the area code. I did, and then I got the recording that I did not need to use the area code. Someone is messing with my head, which right now is an easy thing to do.
2. When you plug something into the wall you have two possible ways to do it. Fifty percent chance of getting it right the first time. Why do I NEVER get it right the first time?
3. I have been thinking of downtown Detroit today. The old downtown Detroit with Hudson’s.
4. Teachers are being appreciated more right now. About time.
5. Today is Saturday, and the New York Times Sunday puzzle is available for download at 6PM. Not a minute after it will have been printed, and I will start it. Some weeks it is just not fun. Most weeks I love it. Do not do the daily ones, just the Sunday.

I am off to find my paint clothes. Yes, I actually have paint clothes. I do not enjoy painting, and we were going to have it done, but I am home and I can do it. Keeps the Cheetos of the world safe.

Sorry no laughs today, but some days there are just none. (Shit, how dramatic was that? Lol )