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Happy Mother’s Day

This is my parents on their wedding day. They were married 24 years when my father died. She remarried and she passed in their 24th year. She said to me, “Damn, I just cannot make it to 25!”


She taught me many of the things I had to know over the years. She taught me to cook. My sister got the cooking gene, not me, but I don’t starve. 

She also taught me the proper care of infants. You can see in this photo she was showing me how to safely pick one up. 

She taught me how to be a good photographer. I think this might be the “do as I say not as I do” type of teaching. My whole childhood is filled with photos such as these. 


She also taught me how to cut hair. If your bangs are crooked, cut more. If they are still crooked, cut even more. This is how my hair looked most of my younger years.

Looks like some kid from the Little Rascals, doesn’t it?

But most of all she taught me not to take Schmidt from anyone. I am like her in many ways, and unlike her in as many.  

Happy Mother’s Day Mom

My mom at 16 years old.


  1. Donna Duffy

    Such sweet memories. . .my mom tried to teach me to cook AND sew. Needed more time with her. It wouldn’t have helped those two skills, but it would have given me a chance to love her longer. 😍

  2. Francine

    Love this Kath. I think the best is the take no Schmidt from anyone. Also one of my most cherished gene’s from my mom. Happy puppy mom day tho you. Hope Lulu treats you especially well today ♥️

  3. Jan

    My mom let me clean up after She cooked. She did teach me to sew, and I made lots of my clothes. She loved to watch old movies and eat a big bag of potato chips! Wonder how anything got done?

  4. Connie

    I love this! Your blog always makes me smile and I always think you should write a book!

  5. Jan Voo

    One question—How did you manage to get the picture of me in the purple coat and green babuska?

    • kathieschmidt

      Actually, I think that is my high school graduation photo….lol

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