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High is not for me

Be prepared to be shocked. It’s ok. I am an adult, and what I am going to describe to you was legal. But still, be prepared to be shocked.  Sometimes I wonder if I have a brain in my head.

Michigan is a recreational and medicinal marijuana state. Who saw that coming? Not me. Anyway, I have been reading a lot about the medicinal value of THC…the part of pot that gets you high. For years CBD oil has been around, and that is in pot too, but it does not get you high, and most of what you buy is fake.  

Let’s go back…waaaaay back. There are many of you on my friends’ list that have smoked with me years ago and not so many years ago. I never really liked to get high, just like to get to that 1 1/2 glass of wine mellow spot. Have not been a good drinker because it is too easy to run right over that mellow spot, if you know what I mean. I don’t like it there.

So, I have been reading about Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), and actually Ann and I tried to make it about five years ago, but that is another story. Damn, I sound like a pot head, but I am not. I do not like edibles because you never know when they are going to hit you. I do not like surprises. Remember, I am the one who reads the first chapter, last chapter, and then the rest of the book.  So, I digress…..

RSO is a tar like substance that is made from reducing pot and then reducing it more. It is very potent,(“ RSO is a highly potent THC concentrate that may contain more than 90% THC”  I got that from a website.) and it is used to cure many maladies. It is supposed to be very good for people with seizures, and some people say it will cure cancer. Thankfully, I do not….knock on wood…suffer from a serious disease other than some arthritis, and right now killer anxiety. From what I figured, I was a perfect candidate for RSO.

Called around and found that one of our cannabis stores has it, so I drove over to talk to them, and to buy some. I had it a week before I had the nerve to try it. The dosage to start is a quarter to a half the size of a grain of rice. It comes in a squatty syringe and you squeeze out the tiny amount you want. I decided that I did not want to try as large a dose as a whole quarter of a grain of rice, so I put a tiny dot on the end of a toothpick or on your finger. Kind of the size I would think ants poop. 

(I think this is the size of whole grain of rice, and a photo I got off the internet of RSO.)

I made sure my afternoon was clear, and I went about doing what I needed to do, in the house. About an hour and fifteen minutes later a great euphoria came over me, and I sat down for a bit, just to enjoy it. It was nice. Might try it at night for sleep. Lasted an hour or so, and really did not get in the way of anything I wanted to do. But it was nice.

During last week, I did it whenever I had a free afternoon. Did not want to put myself in the position to be driving.

Then yesterday happened.  I ran errands in the morning and got back about noon. I decided to try some RSO, just because. A relaxing afternoon seemed to be in order. When I pressed the plunger the syringe broke, putting the tar like substance on my hands. There was a dot, quite a bit larger than usual, on the end of the toothpick but I thought, oh what the hell. I think I might have licked my fingers too.

The man came to give me an estimate on a broken window. I went across the street to meet a neighbor. I had lunch. Then it hit. It hit like a shovel to the back of my head. It was so powerful that I had to sit down. And there I sat for four or five hours. Honestly. Well, to be totally truthful, I did not sit. I floated. At one point I thought I was floating on my back in water.

And yes, that is me. At least in my floating it was me.

I heard the dog bark and wondered where she was. I forced my eyes open and saw that the dog was sound asleep on my lap, all 61 pounds of her. But I could not feel her weight on me. Then I floated again, and I went here and there and never left my chair. I wish I had thought to put on Pink Floyd. as I think I might have enjoyed that.  I have never in my life been that high or drunk. Not even after surgery, and I have done some strange things coming out of anesthesia. One time I kept taking that annoying oxygen thing off my finger and yelling “Code Blue!”  That was nothing compared to how I felt yesterday.

Seriously. I am find today. Feel great. No RSO for me today or any day.  I will NEVER , EVER, EVER ingest that stuff again. I will stick to my boxed wine. I actually do like this wine.


  1. Donna Duffy

    So. . .any leftover? 😉

  2. kathieschmidt

    Almost all of it!

    • Jan

      Save it, just a tiny bit. I might get up the nerve to try it.

  3. Ellen Roscitt

    Looking forward to the ‘Annals of Kathie’!!
    I was never a fan of marijuana but I am looking into medical aspect for my headaches/neck pain. Can’t stand the smell so I’d rather use tinctures or other 🤷‍♀️.

  4. Becky

    Hmmm…. I would love to try it!

  5. Frankie

    “One toke over the line, sweet Jesus” is an apt song lyric for what you experienced Kathie. I too am not a fan of edibles for the same reasons you mention. One thing I know from experience is that, except for some very potent hash I smoked in the 70s, today’s pot is way more potent than what was around in the “good, old days.”

    Getting mellow on wine or a bit of a toke is something I’m not likely to give up. Getting shitfaced on anything is not my idea of a good time. Glad you’ve found your sweet spot 😎

  6. Carole Miller

    Excited to read your posts again. Love your writing!

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