Four Full Seasons

I think I just got old.

I know old is nebulous.  You are what you feel. Age is just a number. I can come up with a dozen more platitudes like those. But I think I just got old.

I wore my slippers to the post office.   

What is next? Wearing my underpants (I love that word by the way) over my clothes?  Or my bra?

Calling my pants slacks? Eating dinner at four? Going to bed after Jeopardy? (Get rid of Mattea, she is driving me nuts) Putting tissues up my bathrobe sleeve?

I really cannot expect to grow old gracefully, and I never was graceful in youth. I stumbled through, and now I would like to go back and do it a different way. Running away to join a circus might have actually been a great adventure. Who knows where I would have ended up? I would not have met Ann though, because she did not like circuses. Actually, either do I, so maybe it was not such a good idea after all. I might have liked driving a truck back and forth across the country, with Ann and the dogs and cats. Ok, maybe that was not a good one either. I did love my adult life, for the most part. I loved my twenty plus years with Ann. I would not change that, only the end.

I went to college because it was expected I would. I became a teacher because I had a couple of teachers who made incredible differences in my life. I knew I was going to be a teacher when I was in junior high, just did not know what I wanted to teach. First I wanted to be a physical education teacher because I thought it would be fun to play games all day. Then I learned that it required a lot of science and anatomy, so that was off the list. I loved math, and I was good at it, so math teacher was my next choice. Then I got a C in geometry. I was so good in algebra, but geometry just did not make sense to me. It was not the distraction of having Fran in my class, as the school system and our parents had already passed legislation that we were never to be in any classes together ever, ever again .  That is another blog!

I loved to read and thought English might be nice. I loved teaching, and I think I was good at it. I loved the literature part of it, but hated and I mean hated the grammar part. Like geometry, it made no sense to teach grammar from a book. Seemed to me it should be taught in reading and writing. I did like the kids though. They made it worthwhile.

Now I wear my slippers to the post office. 

Maybe I should be ok with that, just like I should be ok the day I wear my….here comes that funny word again….underpants over my clothes.  Superman did it. Some of the early photos of Superwoman shows that it was her style choice also.

If I have to get old, let me be a sassy, funny and clever old lady. Let me laugh at farts, cry at the cuteness of dogs, sing off key, miss people, and still take chances.

Let there be adventures and lots of laughs in my future. Hope to see you all sometime.


  1. Judy wysong

    Love it‼️

    • Faith

      You should have been an English teacher

  2. Donna Duffy

    Dinner at 4. I am there.
    Tissues up my sleeve. There, too.
    Pj’s after dinner, yup.
    Tender hearted. Oh, boy.
    Embracing where I am. Best I can. . .

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