That my clothes are always inside out when I take them from the washer or dryer?

I start with two wool dryer balls, and I ways end up with one or none. Have to find where they are hidden in sheets or underwear.

There are two ways to put in a plug in the outlet. I have a fifty percent chance each time, and each time I do it wrong.

It seems when I reached a certain age this little pea sized pain entered my body. Not a horrible pain, but an annoying one. Thing is, it moves around each day.  Yesterday it was on the top of my left foot. The day before it was in my right knee. The day before it was in the base of my thumb. Doesn’t stay long. Likes to travel. Almost like a bad fifties horror movie.

Grocery prices are unbelievable. How does a family get fed properly?  My two absolute necessities, ones I will pay whatever I have to for, are coffee and dog food. I can work around the rest. My huge bags of Starbucks coffee from Sam’s have gone from $15 to $21.99.  I drink one big cup of coffee a day, and damn it is going to be a good one. lol

When I look in the mirror, which I try to avoid in the first place, my mother looks back at me. Sneaky bugger.

My mom at about sixteen years old….or maybe it was fifty…..I really don’t know

Tomato soup used to be my absolutely favorite winter food. I made it, I liked it from certain restaurants, (Tupelo Honey was my fav) and I used their recipe. I cannot even swallow it now. The thought of tomato soup disgusts me. I loved it.

I never thought I could miss someone as much as I miss Ann.

I think back to childhood and wish I had the wisdom of an adult then. I am sure everyone does, but it is a very interesting concept. Oh, the things I would have done differently, and not bad I would have made good. Just things I would have done differently.  That is a whole book.

I love winter, but when it gets to about March, I am looking forward to warmer weather. Now, near the end of August, I am thinking of cool nights, colorful trees and waking up to a foot of snow.  I know, I am crazy, but I do love winter.

Now in complete contrast, the thing about winter I am not looking forward to is having to be inside. I made that ramp on the front of my house into a porch, and Lu

(Does she not have the life!?)

and I literally live on it from late afternoon until evening when the bugs start to get me.  If it is not raining, we are out there. Aside from my fire place, that porch has been the best investment made to this derelict house. Ok, changing the bathroom from the size of a closet was a good one too.   I bring my beading table out to the porch and work for hours. I often have my dinner out there.  I see people. I see dogs. I do have a covered back porch, but it is lonely back there. Ann loved the solitude of it. I do not at all.

Why does breakfast taste better in a diner than it does when I make it. Even if I make the exact thing? That is the thing I miss most living in this area of Michigan. There are very few breakfast places. One in Manistee, I think. Then a few further out. BUT, none….not one….even Cracker Barrel in Traverse City serves turkey or chicken sausage. I have not eaten pork for 22 years, and in Asheville, every place had an alternative for pork sausage or bacon. Cracker Barrel (which is over an hour away) has now switched to a disgusting plant-based product. I think it is made out of same thing the orthotics the foot doctor gave me. I have had decent plant based products, but that is not one of them. It would be so easy to just put some Johnsonville turkey sausage in the freezer and thaw it when ordered.  It does not take up much room, and it would make me happy. Yes, I have written. Lol

This had turned into a rant. Sometimes that is my mood. Sometimes my mood is melancholy. I want silly back. I am working on it. I saw a glimpse of it when Florence was vising. A couple of times during that week I laughed until I lost my breath and peed a bit ( I know, TMI).

Thanks for listening.