First published March 18, 2020

Day 4: I had enough. Let me out of here. Phew…ok, I feel better now. After shopping so early yesterday, I had to nap. Then I napped again because the first one felt so good.

I have a list of things to do:

1. Finish the beautiful scarf I have on my loom
2. Warp the loom again and teach myself to weave with strips of fabric. I can make place mats or small rugs with the strips. I would love to have a couple of half yards of fabric in different gradients of the same color to make place mats, but I do not have it. I wonder if I could order it on line? I digress. I have taught myself to weave this year, all from YouTube.
3. I have the paint and all accessories to paint the bedroom.
4. I have the paint and all accessories to paint the dining room. ( Why is bedroom one word but dining room is two?)
5. Take the dog for a walk each day. She has a dog door and a huge fenced in backyard, but she loves walks. It would be good for both of us. We have done it each day, by the way.
6. Make a list of what is in the freezer and pantry and figure out meals. That will not happen.
7. Write a book. We have the greatest idea for a book by the two of us. Just need to get it going. We have the title, Don’t Put Glasses on the Cat.
8. Play Mah Jong on line and get better at it.
9. Play bridge on line and get better at it.
10. Continue to do the NYTimes Sunday puzzle.
11. Not eat both bags of Cheetos within the first week…first day.

I am a quitter. I always have been. I have great plans and then I act as if I never had the thought. We will see what happens. Right now, like most of you, I am overwhelmed with the amount of time I have. I get more done when I have less time. Makes no sense, but either does the fact that I like to wear my winter boots without socks.

Did you know Corona beer sales are off 30%????? How freaking stupid are people? I like beer, but usually only in summer. I might just get some Corona just to make a point.

Adding: Has everyone else received an email from every CEO of every company you have ever touched saying they are thinking of you and monitoring the virus. In addition we should pay our bills via internet. I even got one from Miracle Ear, and I have never dealt with them….huh? What did you say?