I am not as smart as I think I am

Long ago there was a blog. It was about Ann and I as we were building a cabin on a mountain. I did the blog for about seven years, and then it was hacked. I was pissed. I lost interest in the work it took to post all the time. I have a recurring dream that I live in a house for a very long time, and I find a room I never knew existed. Nothing scary, or boogerish as Ann would say, but a room. I told a friend of mine who has studied warped minds like my own and the dreams of those minds. Her immediate words to me were, “Fill your room.” I am beginning to do that, with the blog

Now, the problem is that I really do not know what I am doing. I don’t remember how I did it. I do not know how to put a gallery up or chose a decent background color.

I guess I will post on Facebook that I have blogged, until I can figure out
how to put a subscribe widget on the page.

Oh, the hell with it for now. This is my first in seven years, and I am
older, and slower, but feistier.

Spring has just started here in Northern Michigan. I sat in the sun on my
porch for a whole fifteen minutes yesterday before my toes froze. Trees are
budding and the flowers are coming up. The forsythias have not bloomed yet, and
that to me is the actual sign of spring.

As posted before on FB, I am crocheting. I am not good, but I am creative.
My baskets are getting better, and I am going to be working on towels and dish
cloths next. Think Christmas. That does not seem to be filling my room, but
only filling my time.

I have realized that travel will help fill my room. Ann did not like to
travel, but I really do. I love the planning and organizing almost as much as
the actual going. I am meeting my two freshmen college roommates in Italy in two weeks

 We try to do things each year, and this was an exciting endeavor. We
rented a VRBO in Florence for a week. Plan on doing some day trips. Then we
head to Venice. We travel well together, so I am really excited. In my mind, I
have packed and repacked so many times. I have made a serious decision. I am
going to travel whenever I can. Why save money at this point in my life.
Another friend and I are working on a trip to the German Christmas markets in
December. The roommates are talking about an Outlander car tour in Scotland. I
would love to go to Poland. Make a suggestion. Meet me somewhere in Europe and
we will have a blast.  Morocco is on my list, but I am afraid of the heat and other things.

My blog looks like a poem. It is not. I just do not have that part down either. Time.

This is my dog, Lulabelle. She is trying to give up cigars. She can eat a ten dollar bully stick in five minutes. Sometimes I think she is practicing for some unknown contest. Interesting note: Bully stick is labeled a Pizzle. Pizzle is Middle English for bull penis. Maybe I will switch her back to cigars. Lu is not going to Italy. She is instead going to Aunt Diane’s dog camp. Sam, Diane’s dog, will be coming to Aunt Kathie’s dog came in June. Works out great. 


Patience, please have patience. I wanted to get this up before I went to Italy because I wanted to be able to post while there.