May 2024

I love…

Butts, bums, bottoms, asses and whatever you want to call them.Men’s or women’s, I think they are the sexiest part of the human body and am having the most fun photographing the statues in Florence. No weiners, just butts! I will share a few here. I will do a food blog later, probably after I roll myself home. I am someone who has always hated mushrooms, but I find myself totally in love with black truffles. I know they are only a cousin of the mushroom, but they are still a fungus. Had a lemoncello spritzer tonight. New favorite! I do love Italy, always have, but I REALLY like it. Just wish half the tourists would go home. We will address the fact that I am a complete hypocrite at some point, also. I don’t eat meat, but I have spent “a week’s burying” as Ann used to say,(That means a lot of spending!) on leather in the last two days.Well, I have rambled. On with the show!

PS. I have had so much trouble getting enough WiFi to do this, that this my last night in Italy….this trip. I will do so much more when I get home, unpack, snuggle my dog, and sleep. Great trip.

I will end with a picture of Lu struggling while I have been gone. Poor thing.


Hello from Florence,Italy. Weather is great, though it does rain about a half hour a day. So far, my favorite meal was pasta with olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes. I had two aperole spritzers the first day with no sleep and very little to eat. THAT was a mistake! Have not had one since.

We walked all over yesterday and the highlight was a Lindt chocolate…not even Italian but who cares, it is Lindt. Yes, we bought some!! I allowed myself to be photographed, which you know I rarely do. I always look gassy.

We walked the Ponte Vecchio, along with a thousand other people, and the views were beautiful.

While walking around we saw a shop called The Iris Gallery. They take a photo of your eye while shining a light into it. It show the color of your Iris that you never see. She commented that I must have blue eyed family members, which I do. I am brown eyed. My Iris has blue around the edges! Then they print and frame it for you. They added what is outside the Iris.

Amazing isn’t?

I have to say, typing on this little IPad is a pain. I think there will be more pictures this trip than words…or punctuation.

We went to the Uffizi Gallery today. Each room had its own guard whose duty was to keep the priceless items safe.

Sweet dreams.

Testing for travel

I am leaving for Italy in a few days and I wanted to practice doing a blog on my mini IPad. I have been packed for three days but now see it is supposed to rain most of the time so I am thinking of fewer capris and more pants. I love planning a trip. I love doing all the research and making reservations. I do not like trying to decide what to pack. I am usually wrong. So, to compensate, and I take too much. I always get nervous when it is time to leave. I have a great time one there though!!! Looking so forward to this on! The friends, the coffee, the apero spritzers, did I mention the coffee????

I have been helping to foster a six month old rescue. He was rescued because of neglect and he has to be crated for a good part of the day, so I offered relief. OMG six month old puppies never stop! He has the attention span of a gnat. He is into everything, including my yarn. He got on the kitchen counter and was carrying scissors around the house. I lined up some cans on the edge of the counter on a mat, thinking if he pulled it down, the cans would scare him. Wrong again. He walked through the house with a can of dog food. This afternoon he got in the shower with me. He will make a great dog if those around him live through his puppyhood. Oh, he is supposedly black lab and hound. His bark is definitely hound. I have to think there is also a bigger ancestor in there, maybe Great Dane?

I apologize for the size of the photo, but I cannot figure how to make it smaller on the IPad. He might look cute, but that was momentary. Anyone want a dog?

I found this great site that sells craft kits, and I am really considering the one for this afghan.

Each month for a year they send you a kit with everything you need to make part of it. I guess the last one helps you sew it all together. They send all materials and instructions. They also give you access to instructional videos. It ends up to be expensive, but if it works out, it will be worth it. I will have the pattern and can make others. Cannot imagine how many colors are in there.

Not a very exciting blog, but at least I know I can do it from Italy.