Butts, bums, bottoms, asses and whatever you want to call them.Men’s or women’s, I think they are the sexiest part of the human body and am having the most fun photographing the statues in Florence. No weiners, just butts! I will share a few here. I will do a food blog later, probably after I roll myself home. I am someone who has always hated mushrooms, but I find myself totally in love with black truffles. I know they are only a cousin of the mushroom, but they are still a fungus. Had a lemoncello spritzer tonight. New favorite! I do love Italy, always have, but I REALLY like it. Just wish half the tourists would go home. We will address the fact that I am a complete hypocrite at some point, also. I don’t eat meat, but I have spent “a week’s burying” as Ann used to say,(That means a lot of spending!) on leather in the last two days.Well, I have rambled. On with the show!

PS. I have had so much trouble getting enough WiFi to do this, that this my last night in Italy….this trip. I will do so much more when I get home, unpack, snuggle my dog, and sleep. Great trip.

I will end with a picture of Lu struggling while I have been gone. Poor thing.

2 thoughts on “I love…”
  1. Love all the tushies! Not what I have a fetish for, but whatever floats your boat!
    I know several people there now..college is out so students are there. Still fun even with the tourists. Sounds like you really enjoyed it!

  2. Hahaha! So funny! I love limoncello and made some last Christmas to give as gifts. Can’t wait to hear more about the trip 🙂

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